Bringing your love story to life

Bespoke Engagement and Wedding Rings

Our expert jewelers will turn your unique love story into tailored lasting rings in a transparent, guided process of traditional and modern jewelry making.

Off-the-shelf rings are just not what you want

Your perfect ring is nowhere
to be found?

When it comes to picking the right ring, it can be difficult to truly understand your options, let alone find the perfect design. So much of modern era jewelry is mass manufactured and overpriced, it can be frustrating to even find a ring that just fits your size.

What doesn’t help is that off-the-shelf rings that you can get in a store are not made to fit you well or last, and will lose their durability and even stones within 2 years, with a bigger investment needed in trying to fix them than the initial price. Most often these thin rings are made from way too little material, making them impossible to repair when the first problems appear…

...and who would want to have their symbol of eternal love to last for anything less than eternity?

Bespoke rings made for your unique love story

Custom-tailored rings that perfectly fit your lifestyle, made to last for generations

We believe that the rings that represent love should also be created with love, to fit your story best and last as long as love does and beyond… That’s why any truly loving couple must consider choosing a custom ring over the mass-produced one. With a custom process, you can make sure you get exactly what you want and need, without compromising on the quality, design or feel of the symbol of love on your hand.

With a custom ring you get:

best materials

High quality craftsmanship

A wide selection of the highest quality of lasting gems and materials, with the option to use your own.

fair pricing

Within your budget

No compromise on design options and quality within your set budget, so you  could get exactly what you want.

personalized approach

Made just for you

Personalized approach from day one to finish, and even after delivery to ensure your ring fits you perfectly

Our expertise

More about our expertise

Our founder Mikus Timofejevs has more than 20 years of experience in turning ideas into stories and we turn the stories into jewelry that we share with you.
He leads a team of more than 10 creative professionals to ensure that each piece of jewelry is perfect and meets the highest standards.

"Thank you for going that extra mile during the first
consultation to ensure making our rings so perfect."


The creation of your bespoke rings

We know the last thing you want when preparing for your special day, is to stress about anything. That’s why we make the creation of our bespoke rings a fully personalized, simple, and enjoyable experience to cherish. 

Step #1

Sign up for a consultation

Meet one of our expert jewelers to get all your questions answered! Discuss your preferences, go through the sizing process and establish the design, material and gemstones, timeline and pricing.

Step #2

Order the design of your choice

Before placing the order confirm all the details and make any changes before sitting back and relaxing, while our experts will create your one-of piece of luxury jewelry to tell your story on that special day. 

Step #3

Enjoy the big day

Receive your custom rings on time and have no worries on the big day! Enjoy your bespoke pieces of jewelry that set you apart by telling your story for a lifetime of quality and included resizing services.


Inspire from these designs

trust the process

The craftsmanship

Our experts combine traditional jewelry making together with the most advanced modern technologies to create your bespoke designs. It takes around 15 steps to make a ring, and each step is carefully planned and carried out with exceptional attention to detail.


Stage one

During the first consultation, our jeweler will discuss various important details with you to create your perfect ring – the thickness of the ring, its’ shape, engraving options, choice of materials, as well as take professional measurements of your ring size. Your lifestyle and preferences are taken into consideration when creating the best durable bespoke design.


Stage two

Specialist jeweler melts and pours the precious metal mixture into a bar that is then rolled and stretched flat. This newly stretched metal piece is then bent and calibrated to create the size and shape needed. To ensure the elasticity of the metal and its’ durability during this stage, it is tempered by being heated and cooled multiple times.


Stage three

Once the metal piece is stretched to the correct thickness and length, it gets soldered together to form a ring; and it is almost impossible to see the soldering spot with a naked eye. Many tools are used to help the jeweler create the perfect ring, for example, a special instrument is used to make a perfectly round shape after soldering.


Stage four

After soldering the ring goes to the jeweler’s lathe, where its’ sides are turned and a special comfort fit is created inside of the ring. Comfort fit creates truly the most comfortable feel for daily wear and allows the making of the exact ring size with precision up to hundredths instead of the half-size options available in mass-manufactured jewelry.


Stage five

During the final stage, the ring is processed with special sandpaper to take away any traces of the cutting process and prepare for the next steps.  After the buffing and glossing in a special polishing box, the ring gets treated with ultrasound in a special liquid, then dried,  carefully inspected, and finally packaged to be delivered to the customer.

Why choose a custom made ring for your special day

The perfect ring for your
perfect love story

By choosing a custom ring you will enjoy the attention to every detail from day one to finish, and even after delivery. When you decide to settle for nothing less than eternity,  we are here to help you achieve that.

personal creation process

Your dream design

Our professional jewelers will hear you out and make sure to translate exactly the design of your dreams from your mind straight into reality for you and others to appreciate!

Fair pricing policy

Within your budget

Unlike stores, we don’t charge you for the marketing, store rent, and salary of salespeople. We charge you only for the materials and our work.

carefully selected materials & sizing

The most comfortable fit

Custom-made rings offer something no mass-produced option can – the best combination of materials to best suit you and your lifestyle, and the ideal fit just for you.

expert craftsmanship

Quality that lasts for generations

With our extensive experience in the field, we can fully guarantee a quality piece of jewelry that will last long enough for generations to admire.

More about US

Meet our team

Anni Custom Jewelry team consists of 3 main specialists, and they all share a passion for a common goal – to help love stories become bespoke legacy jewelry.

Arvis Kotins


An expert in crafting engagement and wedding rings for more than 20 years, Arvis believes that jewelry is the art of capturing the energy of love.

Mikus Timofejevs

Founder / CEO

After facing the problem with store-bought rings firsthand, Mikus took it upon himself to learn the skills of creating quality custom jewelry for couples.

Anete Dadze


Metal arts jewelry design specialist Anete enjoys the challenge of bending precious metals into a shape that is of the highest quality and creating the most comfortable fit possible.

Client testimonials

What our clients say

As each of our bespoke rings are unique, so are our customers. Check out their feedback on our work!


Agnese & Edgars

Thank you so much for bringing our love story to life with our classic rose gold wedding rings with special engravings! Fast, efficient delivery of incredibly comfortable, durable and beautiful bands! ❤️

Agnese & Edgars

Marina & Roberts

Thanks to Anni Custom for our beautiful and extremely comfortable wedding rings! The jewelers do their job with such love and respect, you can feel and see the craftsmanship in the details. We highly recommend Anni Custom – they will create the ring of your dreams!

Marina & Roberts

Agnese & Martins

We are so satisfied with our rings – they are extremely comfortable and beautiful ❤️ To those trying to figure if you should get rings from a store or from a jeweler, I can only advise Anni Custom jeweler Arvis.

Agnese & Martins

Aiga & Janis

We can feel the amazing quality of the rings every day, even in the gym or while gardening! The creation process was easy, collaborative, and surprisingly fast. Thanks to the Anni Custom team for giving second life to our grandparents’ rings! ❤️

Aiga & Janis
The first step towards your ideal ring

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Fill out the form below so our jewelry experts could contact you and confirm the most convenient time slot for you! After you sign up, we will contact you via phone or e-mail to inform you about available time slots and agree on a time and place to meet.

What you'll get during your meeting with an expert jeweler:

€ 50.00

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Time slots booked 80%

80% of free time slots are booked, make sure to sign up for your consultation with the jeweler while you can!

100% customer satisfaction

No-obligations guarantee

Our no-strings-attached meeting is a guaranteed stress-free environment with no obligation to order from us. We want to help you better understand your options for the best rings to capture your love story. That’s why instead of pushy salespeople you meet the expert jewelers themselves.

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Make the first step towards a lasting bespoke design!

Truly bespoke service guarantee

Personalized approach from day one

We truly believe in the excellent quality of our creations. That’s why we offer included resizing services if after wearing the ring you feel the need to go up or down a size or two. Your rings are guaranteed to last a lifetime, and, if worn properly, can even last long enough to become a part of your family legacy.


No, that is not an obligation! 
We insist you simply enjoy the free consultation as a way to get more information and brainstorm ideas together with an expert jeweler, with no obligation to purchase. If you want to order a ring right after the consultation, we will gladly create a truly bespoke piece of jewelry for you. If you choose to think about it or browse through your choices for a while, that’s ok, too!

Yes, you can use your own materials for the creation of rings. Please discuss this with our jewelers during the consultation, and they will explain the process and your options thoroughly.

99% of the time the answer is yes! Unlike the walk-in stores, we only charge for the materials, and our work, so you get exactly what you pay for without paying for salespeople, store rent and shiny lights. 
Sign up for a free consultation with our jewelers, and they will tell you exactly how much your ideal design would cost, and match your budget without losing quality!

We truly believe in the quality of our craft. That’s why we offer resizing services after receiving your rings completely for free, if the measurement was made by us, so if after wearing your ring for a while you feel the need to go up or down a size or two, we will gladly do that for you!

If the original measurements were not made by us, we offer to resize at a separate cost to be agreed upon.

Frequently asked

Frequently asked questions

Custom rings can be ordered by anyone who wishes to have their unique love story turned into beautiful, everlasting rings – we specialize in engagement and wedding rings. You can come alone or as a couple.

Sign up for a free consultation, where an expert jeweler will carefully listen to your ideas and occasion and share the best ideas for your unique rings.

Simply fill out the form so we could contact you and agree on the most convenient time for you!

The consultation is organized in two parts:
> We would love to hear out your unique love story
> Discuss ideas you have & view inspiration – feel free to bring images or descriptions of your favorite designs
> Understanding your lifestyle and adjusting the possible materials, gems and design ideas for both your aesthetic preferences and ensuring durability.

> Ring sizing and measuring
> Finalizing the idea based on the measurements

>Offer the best price and timeline for your unique design

Sign up for a free consultation here.

It’s perfectly fine if you don’t know anything about rings, materials or gems – our expert jeweler will tell you everything and anything you need to know during the consultation, and even more.

However, if you want to, feel free to browse through some jewelry stores and maybe even try on some rings, just to get the feel for it and familiarize yourself with the world of ready-made jewelry. That way it will be easier for you to see the difference when trying on and viewing custom pieces.

It is also preferred that you look around and bring some images of designs that you like with you, so we could get a better feel of your ideas, style and preferences.

Once again, if you have no ideas at all, and no understanding of what rings you’d like, our experts will guide you through the options and introduce you to all the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.

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If you’d like to talk about creating bespoke rings just for you, feel free to sign up for a free consultation here.

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