7 Golden Tips For Choosing Wedding Rings

What you need to know to be as smart as a seller in a jewellery store?

If we believe the statistics, then every second couple in Latvia only chooses a wedding ring once in their life, or – marries only once!

How can you choose rings that will stand the test of life with you? Let us help!

How much does a good wedding ring cost? (And what makes a ring for 100 or 1000 euros different?)

Just as we look at the price of a product per kilogram in a store, you can also compare the price per gram for rings – here you can also find the difference in price between a ring that does not even weigh a gram, and a ring that weighs 3 grams or more.

With us, it is possible to make high-quality wedding rings, starting from about 700 euros, but the price can be reduced by using the gold items you bring – starting with single earrings, broken chains and other gold items.

How are wedding rings made?

The ring can be made in different ways – we use ancestral methods, processing the metal in such a way so as to achieve its hardness and uniformity – the gold billet is cast, pressed, rolled and machined – in total there are more than ten steps from precious metal to a shiny ring. This treatment allows us to give the rings a quality for a lifetime.

Cheaper (read – store-bought) rings are often made in a much simpler way – they are cast into blanks and polished – fewer work steps, cheaper costs, lower quality.

Want to know more about how are rings are made? Look here! 

What is the most important parameter for a good wedding ring (that everyone is trying to hide)?

Have you noticed that wedding rings indicate their width but not their thickness? Adding one extra millimetre to the width of a ring should increase its weight by half a gram and its thickness twice.

It is the thickness that ensures the strength of the ring, and the amount of gold used must not be saved on here.

Visually, rings with different thicknesses will be very similar, but come visit and put the ring we made on your finger to feel the difference!


Why order rings from a jeweller instead of buying them at a store?

  • The jeweller will implement every design you dream of – viewed on Pinterest or individually created.
  • It is possible to make rings from the material you bring (and, for example, turn your family’s gold into new jewellery).
  • Get rings that match the exact size of your finger!
  • Get a guarantee of the master’s responsibility for the work done – even if you’re not happy with the quality of the rings or how they serve, the master will take responsibility for them.
  • Polish the rings for life, add extra diamonds or resize them as needed – the rings are designed and tailored just for you.
  • In addition, even if the wedding takes place tomorrow afternoon, nothing is overdue – classic wedding rings can be made in just 24 hours. However, if you want individually designed rings, we invite you to visit about one to three months before the wedding.


How should you choose your jeweller?

The first indication that the jeweller you are going to work with is a master of your craft is quite simple – there will always be demand for such a jeweller, and there will be a queue. This does not mean having to wait an unreasonably long time for your order, but a good craftsman always has his hands full.

Secondly – a professional jeweller will not undertake to fulfil every wish you have, i.e., – fulfil customer’s expectations that are impractical, disruptive and will affect the quality and appearance of the rings in the long run.

How do you find out your (real) ring size?

Great if you know the size of your ring, but remember:

  • Women’s engagement and wedding ring sizes often vary
  • Weather (season) must be taken into account when measuring the ring
  • It is possible to make rings with a jeweller with size, example, 15.75 – (such rings cannot be bought in a store)
  • Large size owners should consider using Comfort fit.
  • Even if the ring is still too big or small – it is possible to adjust the size of each ring we make

Come to the meeting and get professional advice on the right size, or watch this video and measure for yourself!


What design should you choose and should you be afraid of diamonds in a wedding ring?

Choose what you like right now! There are no rules or restrictions – if you get tired of the ring over time, and it seems too simple or old-fashioned – transform it!

If you want diamonds – use them without worrying about them falling out – our rings and fasteners ensure their safety.

Any design and material used (carbon, rhodium plated, etc.) can be restored or polished so that the rings shine beautifully like new.


If you have any further questions – apply for a free consultation and receive answers to everything you are interested in – in person or remotely! 

Sign up for Your free consultation now!

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