7 Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

Once you have decided to propose your beloved woman, one of the most important tasks is to buy an engagement ring!

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions – short, specific and very open.
Read for yourself and pass it on to someone who should know this!

What is an engagement ring (and how is it different from a women’s ring)?

The engagement ring is traditionally handed out at the time of proposal, and in the case of a positive response, the groom places it on the bride’s finger as proof of their promise to marry.
The classic engagement ring is a fairly simple model, the main beauty of which is the central gemstone.

Here, the biggest difference between an engagement ring and women’s and cocktail rings is that the engagement ring is finer, more elegant, and often more expensive. Solid (white) or classic (blue sapphire, for example) gemstones are commonly used.

Classic engagement ring with central stone
Cocktail ring with colored gemstones

Is a diamond mandatory?

The short answer is yes!

Traditionally, every girl dreams of a classic gold hoop with a sparkling diamond in the centre – it is impossible to make a mistake with such a choice. In addition, the diamond is also the most durable of all gemstones.

Of course, you can also choose other gemstones if you are sure that the bride will like them too. Gold is also optional – platinum is the perfect choice, while silver is more budget-friendly.

Engagement ring with small diamonds on the band

Does size matter?

The price of a diamond is formed not only by its size, but also by the quality parameters – the bigger and better, the more expensive. If a girl dreams of an impressively sized gemstone, it is worth considering alternatives – moissanite, white sapphire or one of the coloured gemstones.

As for the size of the ring itself – it’s great if the girl has made sure that the future groom knows what size the ring should be. If not – apply for a consultation with a jeweller here, and we will tell you what to do!

How much does a good engagement ring cost?

In today’s world, it is accepted that an engagement ring should at least be a man’s salary for months.
How valuable is your relationship and how do you value your bride to be? Here is how easy it is to answer the question of how expensive a ring needs to be.


Buy it or make it at a jeweller?

It is relatively easy to buy a ring in a store – you go, choose, and buy it. Great if you are sure that the ring is of high quality and its design – according to the bride’s taste.

If you want the ring to be the best solution for your budget, have a lifetime guarantee given by the jeweller, be individually designed according to your idea, with the possibility to use family jewellery (for example, transforming a grandmother’s ring), then apply for an appointment with a jeweller!

In addition, if you do not know the exact size, we will tell you what to do so that the girl doesn’t put the ring back in the box after receiving it.

Pear shaped diamond engagement ring

It should be taken into account that the work of a jeweller takes time – from three weeks, but it ensures a lifetime guarantee and awareness that the ring is made just for your bride.

Who chooses an engagement ring and does the groom need one too?

Although, according to tradition, an engagement ring is presented as a surprise, it is great if the bride has made sure to let her future husband know her tastes ahead of time. Often grooms come to us with a photo example or an accurate description of the ring – great!

An engagement ring symbolises the couple’s preparation for the wedding, so why not even wear a special ring for the groom, or maybe a pendant or bracelet made just for him, which confirms his new status?

Beautiful diamond halo engagement ring

Is an engagement ring mandatory?

There are quite a few things You need to do in life.
You can do proposal without an engagement ring, and you can also live without wedding rings and even weddings – in our opinion, this is not about what is mandatory, but about the attitude of the couple and especially the future husband towards the bride and their relationship.

Marriage is a very symbolic event, just like the items used during it – engagement and wedding rings, so make sure they are beautiful and stay with you for at least a lifetime!

More questions? Apply for an appointment and we will respond.

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