Diamonds are forever!

Brilliants have always been the perfect choice for jewellery – they have great durability and a wonderful shine. Recently, we are getting more and more questions about what distinguishes diamonds from brilliants, and what determines their value.

Diamond is the hardest mineral to be found, while a brilliant is produced within a highly sophisticated process of grinding, which results in its ability to refract light. The most popular are round cut brilliants, which can be found in most of our jewellery items.

Bridal set with diamonds

The mass of diamond is measured in carats. The name of the measurement unit is derived from the carob tree seed – “carato” in Italian, as the seed of this tree once served as the counterweight measurement unit of diamonds. A carat is one fifth of a gram, and while it may seem like very little, remember that diamonds are one of the most precious gems found in the world.

When determining the price of diamonds, other factors such as their clarity and colour must also be considered. Only about 20% of all diamonds are clear enough to be used in jewellery items. The rest are used for less romantic – technical – purposes.


A perfect diamond should be completely transparent and colourless. Diamonds with a yellowish tint are usually less valuable, while those with a pink or bluish tint, on the contrary, are very rare and valuable.

Our customers are also increasingly choosing brilliants in their ordered jewellery items, appreciating their characteristics. Because – diamonds are forever!


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