Gold- yellow, rose, white

For centuries gold has been the symbol of wealth. Also nowadays, we believe it is one of the most precious metals. Gold is the perfect choice for any jewellery item and can be matched to the taste of any wearer.

It is virtually impossible to make a jewellery item out of pure gold; there will always be some other metal mixed with it, to make the gold more durable and also to give shade to it – from the classic yellow, to white, and even black.

Yellow gold

In nature, gold is naturally found in yellow shades. Such gold is the purest metal, with the least admixture of other metals, and therefore the least allergenic. However, remember that pure gold is very soft and malleable, which is why yellow gold is easier to scratch and deform. To prevent this from happening, we would like to remind you – we consider that a good golden ring must not weigh less than 3 grams. Jewellery items of yellow gold will suit people with a warm, olive skin tone.


Red or pink/rose gold

Copper and gold alloying produces popular red or rose gold, depending on the amount of copper in the alloy. The copper gives rose gold excellent strength, but it has a higher risk of causing allergies. Many associate red gold with Eastern Europe, but gold of a slightly pink shade is currently more popular and trendy than ever before, and its warm, gentle colour suits virtually any skin tone.


White gold

If you consider that only silver suits you, you might be mistaken – white gold will also be a great choice. White gold is an alloy of gold and palladium, silver and other metals, which provide excellent durability. To make jewellery items of white gold extremely bright and shiny, they are rhodium plated or coated with rhodium to protect them against oxidation, which can be caused by the silver contentin the alloy. White gold especially suits a light skin tone.


Human fantasy has no borders, and today various shades can also be given to gold – for example green or black. But we must remember, that it is just a shade and only yellow gold can be found in nature. The classic gold trio – yellow, rose, white – will always be trendy. All you have to do is choose your own!

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