How to choose the right wedding ring?


A wedding ring is jewellery you will most likely wear for the rest of your life.  But how do you avoid getting overwhelmed by the offer and choose the right one? We will give you six recommendations you can use to start looking for your one and only!

Choose quality

When selecting rings, pay attention to several factors – and price is only one of them. We keep on reminding you that a real wedding ring should weigh at least 3 grams – it will protect the ring from becoming deformed as it will have sufficient mass. If you choose a ring with precious stones, remember that you will wear the ring every day – make sure that the stones are set by a craftsman who will provide a guarantee. You can save by buying cheaper rings, but consider how unpleasant it will be to wear jewellery that looks worse over time.

Idividually designed wedding bands

Clarify the size of your ring

Jewellery stores usually offer sizes of rings, for example, 16 or 16.5. But are you sure that your size is not between 16 and 16.5? If you determine the precise size of your ring, you will practically not feel it – it will be very comfortable, won’t be tight and won’t fall off. When making an individually tailored ring, the jeweller can also create it in the exact size! (This section is usually very important for men who are not used to wearing rings and are concerned that they will be uncomfortable.)

Rings DO NOT need to be identical!

The bride and groom frequently can’t agree on the choice of metal from which to make the rings, or doubt that the shape and style of the rings will suit them and match their tastes. 

We have a simple answer for this – rings DO NOT need to be identical! Choose some unifying element, but other details can be different according to the individual wishes of the couple! Match any of these elements – colour of the metal; shape of the ring; decorative elements used (stones, engraving) – it will create a unified look but at the same time allow the rings to be tailored individually for each wearer.

Rose gold, carbon and blue sapphires
Rose gold, carbon and blue sapphires

Don’t be afraid to be different!

Wedding rings – these are not only classical golden bands. Modern wedding rings reflect the taste and character of the wearer.  Choose a ring from unusual material (for example, carbon), use colourful stones, extraordinary engravings. If you want to wear the engagement ring together with the wedding ring, create a complementary set.  Don’t be afraid to be different!

Do not postpone the purchase of the ring until the last moment!

It is possible that purchasing rings is not at the top of your to-do list but actually – it has to be. First of all, devote time to choosing the right style.  Try several versions, search for ideas on the internet.  If you have decided to order your rings from a jeweller (we truly hope so!), remember that you need to plan time to meet with the craftsman and allow at least a month (during the season – even more) to receive hand-made, premium quality rings.

White gold, carbon and diamond

Jeweller – always the best choice

Many times people purchase rings at the jewellery store but approach us after some time – as the rings are still not exactly what they hoped for (“but they didn’t provide any other options at the store then”), the size is not perfect, the rings have deformed over time or have simply started to look boring. Remember – an experienced jeweller can create your true dream ring in the precise size and with guaranteed quality. The master will also help with advice and ideas on selecting the style, shape, width, density etc. of the ring. For men a comfortable fit can also be important – elements that customers are usually not aware of and not all shop assistants have knowledge about.

Entrust your jewellery to us and we promise you – our diligence to do more than the required standard will certainly pay off. 

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