Unique custom made wedding ring set

Unique custom made wedding ring set

There are truly no limits, when You entrust the creation of rings to a jeweler –
it is possible to fulfill every wish of yours.




A pair of unique custome made wedding rings – handmade by jeweler, using knowledge of old masters.

Made for you

Made just for you, for your exact size, including half and quarter sizes.

There is no limits, when You entrust the creation of rings to a jeweler –
it is possible to fulfill every wish of yours.

100% quality

All rings are made ensuring the quality of the master’s work, guaranteeing durability and prestigious appearance.


Possible personalizations –
comfort fit,
gold or other precious metals, diamonds or other gems

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How it's made

The craftsmanship

Our experts combine traditional jewelry making together with the most advanced modern technologies to create your bespoke designs. In the making of your rings, each step is carefully planned and carried out with an exceptional attention to detail.

Client testimonials

What our clients say

As each of our bespoke rings are unique, so are our customers. Check out their feedback on our work!


Agnese & Edgars

Thank you so much for bringing our love story to life with our classic rose gold wedding rings with special engravings! Fast, efficient delivery of incredibly comfortable, durable and beautiful bands! ❤️

Agnese & Edgars

Marina & Roberts

Thanks to Anni Luxury for our beautiful and extremely comfortable wedding rings! The jewellers do their job with such love and respect, you can feel and see the craftsmanship in the details. We highly recommend Anni Luxury – they will create the ring of your dreams!

Marina & Roberts
The first step towards your ideal ring

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What you'll get during your meeting with an expert jeweler:

€ 50.00

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Time slots booked 80%

80% of free time slots are booked, make sure to sign up for your consultation with the jeweller while you can!

Absoluetly not! 
We insist you simply enjoy the free consultation as a way to get more information and brainstorm ideas together with an expert jeweller, with no obligation to purchase. If you want to order a ring right after the consultation, we will gladly create a truly bespoke piece of jewelry for you. If you choose to think about it or browse through your choices for a while, that’s ok, too!

Yes, you can use your own materials for the creation of rings. Please discuss this with our jewelers during the consultation, and they will explain the process and your options thoroughly.

99% of the time the answer is yes! Unlike the walk-in stores, we only charge for the materials and our work, so you get exactly what you pay for without paying for sales people, store rent and shiny lights. 
Sign up for a free consultation with our jewellers, and they will tell you exactly how much your ideal design would cost, and match your budget without losing quality!

We truly believe in the quality of our craft. That’s why we offer resizing services after receiving your rings completely for free, if the measurement was made by us, so if after wearing your ring for a while you feel the need to go up or down a size or two, we will gladly do that for you!

If the original measurements were not made by us, we offer resizing at a seperate cost to be agreed upon.

Frequently asked

Frequently asked questions

Custom rings can be ordered by anyone who wishes to have their unique love story turned into beautiful, everlasting rings – we specialize in engagement and wedding rings. You can come alone or as a couple.

Sign up for a free consultation, where an expert jeweller will carefully listen to your ideas and occasion and share the best ideas for your unique rings.

Simply fill out the form so we could contact you and agree ont the most convenient time for you!

The consultation is organized in two parts:
> We would love to hear out your unique love story
> Discuss ideas you have & view inspiration – feel free to bring images or descriptions of your favorite designs
> Understanding your lifestyle and adjusting the possible materials, gems and design ideas for both your aesthetic preferences and ensuring durability.

> Ring sizing and measuring
> Finalizing the idea based on the measurements

>Offer the best price and timeline for your unique design

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It’s perfectly fine if you don’t know anything about rings, materials or gems – our expert jeweler will tell you everything and anything you need to know during the consultation, and even more.

However, if you want to, feel free to browse through some jewelry stores and maybe even try on some rings, just to get the feel for it and familiarize yourself with the world of ready-made jewelry. That way it will be easier for you to see the difference when trying on and viewing custom pieces.

It is also preferred that you look around and bring some images of designs that you like with you, so we could get a better feel of your ideas, style and preferences.

Once again, if you have no ideas at all, and no understanding of what rings you’d like, our experts will guide you through the options and introduce you to all the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.


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