Why our wedding and engagement rings are unique?

Did you know that all handmade wedding or engagement rings are unique?

The uniqueness of your ring is created by the touch of a master – not a digital engraving of the machine, but the touch of a master’s hand at any time while processing the ring.

We’ve noticed that people say – our products are soft. What does it mean? They are pleasing both to the eye and the touch.

This is due to our vision of many things that we do not approach with mathematical precision, relying on our feelings instead.


The most important feature of our products is cost.

What manufacturers try to do is reduce the amount of gold in the rings. For example, this ring, which is wide enough, and beautifully worked, has one feature – the thickness, which is not specified anywhere, is less than a millimetre. This means that as soon as you put it on your finger and lift your travel suitcase to take it on the plane during the honeymoon, the ring will already take on a square form.

If we talk about rings made by a jeweller, then we do not reduce the parameter – thickness, thus achieving durability of the rings. The rings do not deform and can be restored as soon as you want.

The service life of such a ring is only a few years, if they are worn intensively in abrasive environments.

If we look at good, thick rings, they last for a lifetime.



Why do our customers choose the services of a jeweller?

Several reasons, and one of them is –

they can start shaping their family story with their jewellery. Not only with their family logo, for example, Ozoliņi chooses oak leaves, but Upīši – waves, but really with their own, unique design, creating something memorable that can be left to their children and grandchildren.

For example, we had a client who wanted an engagement ring with an important parameter –

His bride loves butterflies and he wanted a butterfly in the ring.

We’ve incorporated it organically into this story and it’s a personalised ring that you can’t buy, which tells your own story, adding value to your jewellery.



If you have an idea but don’t know how to realise it in jewellery such as an engagement or wedding ring, sign up for a consultation, and together with an experienced jeweller, you will definitely find the best way to tell your story.

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