Why we only have satisfied clients?

Do you know why people order their jewellery to be made, and why we only have satisfied clients?

We asked our clients just one question—why did you decide to order custom jewellery, instead of buying finished jewellery in a shop? — and have listed the 5 most common answers they gave below. Read and see for yourself: ordering from a jeweller is the right choice to make!

Uniqueness and personalised design

‘We want something special!’: this is what we hear from our clients the most. ‘We have been to all the shops, and still can’t find what we want!’ Jewellery stores largely have a more conservative selection on offer, and even if they have something more avant-garde, it is not personalised anyway.

Working directly with a jeweller, the client can bring THEIR OWN idea to life, and create something that there will only be one instance of.

We can implement your idea, or make a copy of something—a family heirloom, perhaps—with your inspiration and our work.


Hand-made by an artisan using centuries-old methods

The jewellery you can buy in a shop is factory-made. It is not bad per se, but wouldn’t it be much more pleasant to wear jewellery made by an artisan, and not by a machine?

This is an argument we frequently hear from our clients who value the fact that their jewellery is hand-made by a skilful artisan. We also use centuries-old methods to make our jewellery, which guarantees that it is 100% hand-made.


Jeweller’s suggestions and advice

It is not uncommon for a client to come to us with a somewhat fuzzy idea of what they would like to get. In fact, it is exactly when you are not sure about what you want that making custom jewellery is the best idea: clients often admit that their jeweller’s advice was decisive in opting for personalised jewellery.

Durability and quality

We insist that good wedding rings must weigh at least 3 grams (have you ever noticed how much ready-made ones weigh?), and so we can confidently say for all of the jewellery we make that it will serve you impeccably, with durability, quality and the jeweller’s warranty being some of the key arguments that bring clients to us.


Passing family gold from one generation to another

Our clients often find it important for their jewellery (especially wedding rings) to be made out of the gold they provide themselves, which may have been inherited in their family. We can smelt the wedding rings of their parents or grandparents, bringing the family gold from one generation to another.

We hope that the experience of our satisfied clients will also let you cast aside any doubts as to whether you should contact a jeweller with your order. You certainly should! Especially since getting a jeweller’s consultation is free: make an appointment today!

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